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Why Millions Have Been Putting Their Trust in Napoleon Hill Since 1937…

Napoleon Hill

American bestselling author and revered success writer Napoleon Hill (1883 – 1970) is best known worldwide for his book Think and Grow Rich.

Originally published in 1937 during the Great Depression, this book has contributed to the success of countless people from around the world. Over 70 years later, it has been read by millions upon millions of people looking to improve their lives – and to this day continues to help those wanting to achieve and enjoy remarkable wealth and success.

Perhaps what makes this book so powerful is that it brings together over 20 years of research personally conducted by Hill himself, who probed into the lives of the incredibly rich and affluent (over 500 successful men and women to be precise) to unmask once and for all what sets apart the lives of the extraordinary from the ordinary.

His findings are what provided the basis for what became his treasured ‘formula for success’.

At first, he used this formula to improve his own life; applying his detailed research with astounding effect! Almost immediately, Hill came to recognize the value of his findings, identifying that this formula could make the seemingly ‘impossible’ possible for even the most average person. As a result, Think and Grow Rich was born – going on to sell well over 20 million copies since its release.

Hill’s intention was that his findings should be made accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or current circumstances. This is why, in this book, Hill has broken up his findings into 13 easily-understood principles for lifelong prosperity. Principles that could be YOURS as soon as today!